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  • The Hereafter Green Membership

    Every month
    Buy Land + Tiny Homes | Join Ours + Build Your Own Community
    • Exclusive Monthly $1,500 Land Deals
    • Get First Access to Prime Land Deals
    • Exclusive Tiny Home Purchasing + Financing
    • First Access to Select Parcels of Land in Real Communities
    • Monthly eBook: Learn How to Buy Land + Build Communities
    • Monthly eBook: Sustainable Living, Farming & Homesteading
    • Quarterly Virtual Networking Event to Connect w/ Like Minds
    • Chance to Join + Connect To The Hereafter Farms Community
  • The Hereafter Gold Membership

    Every month
    All The Basics + Live Monthly Workshop
    • Everything included in the green package plus...
    • Monthly Live Q & A + Workshop: How to Use + Profit From Land
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